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We're not going to bore you with the details... unless you ask. Then we'll probably bore you to tears.​ 

So here's just a little info on who we are and a partial list of some of the companies we've been pleased to work with through the years.

Give us a ring for more details.



Bill's been shooting epic portraits of rock stars, celebrity icons and sports figures for over three decades. His approach to each shot strips away the facade and exposes the intrigue unique to each of his subjects. About ten years ago Bill discovered filmmaking, and he now brings his remarkable eye, tech magic and years of lighting experience to every production set. He's raising two mischievous young boys and when he's not shooting he's probably having a sword fight
with them in the backyard.  




Todd has been a freelance creative his entire career and has served many clients in many roles, including, themed entertainment design, architectural design, big budget development deal project management, directing, shooting, and producing compelling video, art direction, advertising campaigns, commercial interior and exterior structure design, and lending his creative eye to everything he does. Todd is kinda like MacGyver, and rarely meets a problem he can't fix. When he's not creating and storytelling he's probably at the playhouse watching his daughter's latest theatrical performance.

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